Sell Vintage Comic Books

North Comics can offer you a convenient, professional way to sell your comics for a good price. We can offer you more for vintage comic books (comics published in the 1970s or earlier in the 1940s-1950s-1960s) and will make sure the process goes well from start to completion. The simplest way to get started is to fill out the form below, summarizing your collection as well as your expectations so we can follow up with you to discuss. You can also find our guide below to help you evaluate the collection. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get the most out of your comic collection.

Guide to Selling Comics

Selling a comic book collection can be a smooth process if you have the books organized. This guide will help you to summarize the comics in a way that makes getting an offer to sell easier.

The first step is to understand the era of the comics, ranging from golden age (10 cent covers from 1938 to 1955), silver age (1955 to 1969 12 cent covers), bronze age (1970 to 1979 15 and 20 cent covers) as well as newer comics (since 1980) . To organize your collection it can be helpful by starting to organize the books by era.

Another helpful step is to organize the books by publisher (Marvel, DC, etc.) and category (superhero, romance, war, horror, etc) so you have a sense of the types of books. Individual titles are helpful once you have a sense of the overall types of books. Once you the collection organized, you can start to evaluate and create a list of what comics you have including any key issues which have more significance.

How to Identify Significant Comic Book Issues

Key comic book issues are those that have more significance. Comics can be key because of new character, a visually stunning cover art or an important story that changes the history of a character. In the price guide, these issues are denoted with short descriptions (“1st app” means first appearance) and have higher values associated with them. When organizing your collection, it’s helpful to understand which comics are keys as these may comprise a good amount of the value of a collection. Some examples of key silver age issues including Amazing Fantasy 15 (first Spider-Man), and Journey into Myster 83 (first Thor). For Bronze Age key issues, the most important comics including Incredible Hulk 181 (first Wolverine), Giant-Size X-Men 1 and Marvel Spotlight 5 (1st Ghost Rider).

How to Properly Store and Ship Your comic Books

The best way to store your comic books is to get comic bags and boards that fit comic books from the particular era. Placing each comic carefully in a bag and board will help preserve color, structure and condition. Then storing the comics in short or long boxes in a room with proper temperature and humidity control. will help ensure they are properly maintained.

Shipping comics carefully depends on how many comics you have. For larger amounts of comics, you’ll want to make sure they are well protected using bubble wrap and cardboard, so they don’t bend during shipment. It’s generally recommended to ship in durable cardboard boxes (not envelopes), so your books have double layer protection. Feel free to reach out for more details on the best way to discuss the best way to approach any comics you may have.