Comic Book Guides

Understanding comic books involves a lifetime of learning about characters, paper quality, publishing and care for the books. To help collectors, these guides will provide an overview of understanding how to care for, grade and value your collection.

Each comic book is unique with its own backstory, and my hope is that these guides can help you get the most out of your collection whether you are a lifelong collector or just getting into the hobby.

Best Ways to Sell Your Comic Book Collection

This guide provides an overview of the various ways to sell your comic book collection, and provides a comparison of different ways to sell. If you are looking to understand your options for selling this is a good place to start.

Comic Books Values and Price Guides

Understanding the value of your comics requires understanding their significant, rarity and condition. This guide will provide an overview of how to determine the value of your comics.

Selling Your Comic Books Online

Today, there are a variety of ways to sell your comic books online, and this guide provides a comparison of ways to sell an entire collection, an individual boor or anything in between.

How to Evaluate Condition and Grade Your Comic Books

Part of evaluating your comics requires understanding their condition, completeness and, ultimately, estimating a grade. This article gives an overview of ways to estimate the condition of your comics.