Most Valuable Bronze Age Comics

Beginning in 1970 and continuing until 1985, the Bronze Age of Comic Books has a number of key issues which featured the introduction of characters still popular today across the globe. Today’s well known movies and TV shows often feature Bronze Age characters which marked a shift in comic creation in a new era. This guide provide an overview of the most valuable comics in that era from Marvel, DC and independent publishers.

Incredible Hulk 181 – 1974 – 1st Wolverine

Incredible Hulk 181As one of the most well-known X-Men (mutants), Wolverine received a cameo in the last page of Incredible Hulk 180 and then a full introduction in Incredible Hulk 181. The character would be featured in a series of his own films, comic books and became a leader among the X-Men team. Today, Hulk 181 is considered one of the most valuable books in the bronze age. Make sure your copy has the Marvel Value Stamp which is considered part of a complete issue.

Giant-Size X-Men 1 – 1975 – 1st New X-Men team

Giant Size X-Men 1As the X-Men evolved from their introduction in the Silver Age, Marvel re-introduced a brand new team in the summer of 1975 in Giant-Size X-Men 1. Featuring the first appearance of Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus and Thunderbird, this issue is one of the most valuable comics from this era. As a square-bound book, the condition of the binding is key to the valuation.

Marvel Spotlight 5 – 1972 – 1st Ghost Rider

Marvel Spotlight 5Introduced by Stan Lee and Roy Thomas, Ghost Rider saw his first appearance in Marvel Spotlight 5. The character who would have his own line of comics and is featured in movies. captured a new spirit of Marvel during the era which blended ideas from many genres.

Amazing Spider-Man 129 – 1974 – 1st Punisher

Amazing Spider-Man 129 At the beginning of 1974, creators Roy Thomas and Gil Kane brought Punisher to life in Amazing Spider-Man 129. The character who would become a key part of Marvel lore represented a new type of anti-hero. Today Punish has his own Netflix series and may very well have a re-imagined role in Marvel series going forward.

Tomb of Dracula 10 – 1973 – 1st Blade the Vampire Hunter

Tomb of Dracula 10First introduced on the cover of 1973’s Tomb of Dracula 10, Blade the Vampire hunter gained widespread prominence with a series of movies in the 1990s. Today, with Marvel re-introducing the character into the cinema, there has been an increase in interest for this key issue. As a result, it is considered among the top Bronze Age Marvel keys.