Sell Comic Books Seattle

To evaluate the best ways to sell your comic book collection in Seattle, Washington it’s important to understand the values of your comics. In the guides below we also compare other options including comic conventions, comic book stores and online auctions. We offer a free valuation option to help potential sellers better evaluate their comic collection based on the latest price guides.

Comic Book Conventions

There are multiple comic book shows in Seattle each year, including the Emerald City Comic Con which is generally held in the summer. At this show you can see offerings from many comic book vendors, meet artists and creators as well as better understanding the current comic market. The limitation to the show is that there is a wait list for a table, and collectors are limited to bringing in just a few books you can safely carry into the show. As a result, selling at a convention may not be ideal for most people.

Online Auctions

Self-service online auctions such as eBay and other sites can offer you more options to list your collection how you want – in sets, individually or in larger lots. However, this also means a lot more work in terms of descriptions, photography, grading and customer service as well as seller fees which can offer exceed 20% or more. As a result, the effort required to list a large collection can be substantial and you may have to deal with customer service issues. Make sure you evaluate the amount of time required to list your collection this way as well as any potential fees you might incur.

Comic Book Stores

Many comic book stores will make offers on your comic book collection which can be a convenient way to sell. However, due to the fact that many stores have overhead costs they generally offer less than you would get by selling to a collector. Make sure you understand the valuation of your comics before you meet with a store so you are better prepared for the negotiations.