Sell Comics in Portland

The Best Ways to Sell Your Comics in Portland, Oregon

In order to better understand your comic collection, we can help with a local assessment of the comics in the greater Portland area. Each comic collection is really a story of a collector and their journey along the way. When making an assessment of comics, I look at the comics, their condition and also to better understand the collection. Since I am a local Portland collector too, I strive to understand the history of the books so I can make a complete assessment.

Over the years, I have had an opportunity to get to know collectors around the Portland area ( and help them to meet their goals with the collection. By making a fair assessment, based on the latest price guide, I strive to provide an evaluation (and offer) that helps collectors get the most out of their collection. If you are interested in discussing your collection, I encourage you to complete my comic seller form so I can give you a call back.

Local Comic Book Conventions
Another way to evaluate your comics is to attend a local comic book convention. The Rose City Comic Con takes place every September in downtown Portland, bringing together comic fans and creators for a full weekend. Attending the show provides a great opportunity to meet comic creators and to see some great comic books.
While bringing a full collection to the convention may not be practical, it can still be a great way to better understand comic culture today and even look at other collections. Many regional comic book stores also attend this convention, and often make offers on a handful of select comics of interest.