Sell Comics in Portland

The Best Ways to Sell Your Comics in Portland, Oregon

In order to better understand your comic collection, North Comics can help with a local assessment of the comics in the greater Portland area. When making an assessment of comics, I look at the comics, their condition and also to better understand the collection. Since I am a local collector too, I strive to understand the history of the books so I can make a complete assessment.

Over the years, I have had an opportunity to get to know collectors and help them to meet their goals with the collection. By making a fair assessment, based on the latest price guide, I strive to provide an evaluation (and offer) that helps collectors get the most out of their collection. If you are interested in discussing your collection, I encourage you to complete my comic seller form below so we can discuss. 

Local Comic Book Conventions
Another way to evaluate your comics is to attend a local comic book convention. The Rose City Comic Con takes place every September in downtown Portland, bringing together comic fans and creators for a full weekend. Attending the show provides a great opportunity to meet comic creators and to see some great comic books.
While bringing a full collection to the convention may not be practical, it can still be a great way to better understand comic culture today and even look at other collections. Many regional comic book stores also attend this convention, and often make offers on a handful of select comics of interest.

Local Markets

Another option for selling your comic book collection is to attend a local market where you can setup to sell your books. There are a number of local markets in various parts of the metro area including the Portland Flea Market which runs every Sunday from April to October. You can find a wide variety of vendors there selling everything from antiques to art, as well as books. If you have a large number of common books this can be a good option to reach local buyers.

Comic Book Stores

As a key hub as home of Dark Horse Comics and other publishers, there are a wide variety of local comic bookstores in the Portland metropolitan area. Many of these stores will consider making offers on select comics, and make sure you understand the general value of your comics before you visit to ensure you get a fair offer.