Best Ways to Sell Comic Books in Tacoma, WA

If you are considering selling a vintage comic book collection (with comics from the 1970s, 1960s or earlier), then you have several options to evaluate the best ways to sell. This guide provides an overview of the different options, including their benefits and considerations for each. The decision to sell a collection, whether you have been collecting for many years or inherit a collection from a loved one, requires careful thought in the process. After reading this guide, you should have a better sense of which option is the best fit for you.

Option #1: Selling to a Local Comic Book Collector

Often times, selling to a Tacoma comic book collector offers you the option that gives the most value for your collection. This is because comic collectors are willing to pay fair market values for comic books based on the Overstreet price guide. The process generally starts with meeting up with a local collector, reviewing the comics for condition and value to understand a fair price for the collection. If you are interested in discussing these options with a local comic book collector, I can provide a free valuation to help you make a choice:

Option #2: Sell at a Tacoma Comic Book Convention

Each fall, there is a local Tacoma comic book show called Grit City Comic Show. This show features a wide variety of attractions ranging from comic creators such as Randy Emberlin and Steven Grant to cosplay as well as a number of vendors selling new and vintage comic books. If you are interested in understanding the local comic book market this may be an option to bring a few comic books to get offers from a variety of vendors. Keep in mind it may not be realistic to bring large collections to the show, but you can definitely get a sense of the options at the convention.

Option #3: Consider Tacoma Comic Book Stores

One convenient option is to look up local comic book stores near you. A drawback to this option is that stores often have a lot of considerations and generally pay only a portion of the actual values of the comics. Therefore it’s advised to educate yourself with a price guide in advance of visiting a Tacoma comic book stores.

Option #4: Sell Online by Listing Yourself

For collectors willing to put in more time and effort, you can also consider listing your comics individually in an online marketplace. This generally takes more time, as you have to photograph, price and list each comic, in addition to handling customer service and shipping. If you want maximum flexibility and have the base of knowledge, this can be an option for you to consider.